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Has Your Driving Licence Expired?

Are you one of the estimated two million people in March who are potentially driving with an out of date photo-card driving licence?

It’s advisable to check quickly as there is a possible fine of up-to £1,000 if you are.

Fortunately all is not lost, as you can quickly apply on-line to renew your licence for a further 10 years, subject to a charge of £14 (£17 for postal applications).  The DVLA also give those with a valid passport the option of using the photograph from the passport for the new photo-card driving licence.

You’ll need your National Insurance Number and Passport Number handy, and the entire process only takes around 5 minutes.

Changed Name Or Address?

Recent research by Direct Line estimates that 3% of married women are using driving licences with their maiden name still shown on their licence, and the DVLA have previously estimated that over two million motorists have an incorrect or previous address on their licence.

Addresses can be changed free of charge with the DVLA by clicking here.

Sharing Your Information

In many circumstances, whether it’s for your insurance company or hiring a vehicle, you may need to provide evidence that you have a clean driving licence (or otherwise) to a third party.

As per our article last year, for those that have not utilised the Government website, the whole process is very simple and straight forward.

Still Have A Paper Licence?

If your driving licence was issued prior to 1998, there are no rules to enforce a photo-card licence.  However, it is highly recommended by the DVLA that a photo-card licence is utilised if you travel abroad in the event any authorities request to see your licence.

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