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Are You Eligible For Free Risk Management Tools?

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If you are one of the many Allianz Insurance’s commercial policyholders, did you know that you have access to their free on-line risk management service, Risk Director?

What Is Allianz Risk Director?

Risk Director is a free risk management tool, available on-line for Allianz commercial policyholders and their brokers. It provides guidance and support on a broad range of topics and comprehensive risk management information, in addition to a wide array of documentation to utilise.

What Information Does It Provide?

  • Risk improvement reports– enables risk improvements to be viewed and acted upon as required.
  • Risk control notes– more than 120 downloadable topic related guidance notes covering a wide variety of subjects to assist with managing risks.
  • health and safety tool-kit– a DIY, step-by-step guide available on-line to create a health and safety management system or to simply review what is already in place.
  • Risk management guides– ten trade and risk specific guides designed for small and medium-sized (SME) businesses.
  • Info-site guide– printable guides containing an assortment of risk management subjects on an extensive range of internet sites.
  • e-training modules–business training assistance at discounted rates.

FAQ’s and Action Line

Allianz have an extensive FAQ section available to all policyholders in respect of Health & Safety, Property and Environment queries.

In addition, Allianz also provide a service entitled Actionline for questions that require an urgent reply in respect of health, safety and environmental matters and issues.

Actionline is a FREE helpline for Allianz Commercial policyholders. Provided by two specialist firms, namely Praxis42 and Glen Abbot.  Actionline provides answers to questions that require immediate and expert advice on a range of health, safety, environment and business continuity matters.

More Information

For further information contact us today for a free commercial quotation with Allianz Insurance.

If you currently have an engineering, property, liability or other commercial insurance policy with us via Allianz insurance, please contact us for further information.

All information above is credited to Allianz Insurance and their Risk Director product.

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