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Special Types, Truck & Fleet Insurance

Coversure Insurance Services (Ilkeston) providing multi vehicle / Fleet insurance, starting from just 2 vehicles, for a mixture of Truck, Special Types, commercial & private car vehicles.

Insuring multiple vehicles can be expensive, especially if you operate or have a requirement to insure various road-going machinery and plant.  It also becomes even more difficult to manage when you have various renewal dates for the policies throughout the year.

Most insurance companies and brokers offering fleet insurance are not able accommodate fleet policies where items of plant, such as diggers, dumpers and cherry pickers outnumber standard commercial vehicles, vans and cars.  When they do, the insurance company usually wants a minimum of 4 or 5 vehicles.

As a specialist broker, our team at Coversure Insurance Services (Ilkeston) have recognised this and have a selection of policies available for all industries providing a solution for you and your business, and can provide fleet policies starting from just 2 vehicles that will accommodate an array of special types and commercial vehicles at very competitive prices.

Coversure Truck & Fleet

What about personal vehicles?

Vehicles owned by the director or proprietor of the business can also usually be included on the fleet policy provided they are registered to the proprietor or director(s) personally.

What are the driving options?

Depending on the policy we arrange, a range of driving options are available starting from any authorised driver over 17 to any authorised driver over 30.

Third-Party Working Risks

Our policies for special types can be extended to include third-party working risks for construction plant and machinery such as diggers, excavators, cherry pickers, fork lift trucks and road sweepers etc.

However, it is important to check your current liability insurance as quite often this element of cover is automatically included within the public liability policy.  Check this carefully to ensure that the insurer is aware of the items of plant you are utilising, especially when working at height or depth.

Why Coversure Insurance?

Our office in Ilkeston takes great pride in our customer service and the quality of the products we offer as a commercial insurance broker.  We have a large number of experienced staff, specialising in different markets, providing our customers with a personal and professional level of service.

We have various schemes and products that are unique to Coversure and our office specifically, ensuring that our customers get the best possible products tailored to their requirements, at the best possible price.

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