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Motor Fleet

Risk Management

With access to all UK markets & specialist schemes, we are able to offer excellent terms and competitive premiums for most enquiries.  Whether you have a current fleet policy, or all you current vehicles are earning No Claims Bonus, we have a fleet insurance policy which we can tailor to your requirements.  More information about our fleet insurance offering can be located on our fleet insurance section.

Safe Driving Practices

To assist our motor fleet customers, we have also developed a basic document to provide information on promoting safe driving practices.  By implementing and promoting safe driving, you could avoid the hassle of road accidents and increased insurance costs.

Click Here to Download Our Safe Driving Practices Guide

Please take your time to peruse this guide as it contains valuable information to help you manage your fleet and drivers to reduce the risk of incidents, and reduce your insurance premium.

In addition to the information contained on this document, we are also advocates of additional tracking, telematics and forward facing camera solutions for fleet risks of all sizes.

Accident Cameras

Fraudulent claims, and ‘crash for cash’ companies still prevalent in the UK.   Quality camera systems are proving a success in assisting insurance companies refusing to make payments to third parties and highlighting these claimants paving the way for prosecutions.  Ultimately, this means lower premiums for you, the customer.

If you are interested in high quality & insurance approved in-vehicle camera solutions for your vehicle(s), more information can be found on the websites of our partner companies:

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